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Services & Products


RPC provides the following services relevant to the fields of radiation protection in Diagnostic Radiology and Laser Protection

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Ionising Radiation Services:

  • Radiation Protection Advisory (RPA) services:
    RPC can advise on all aspects of maintaining compliance with all of the relevant legislation.   For further information on how RPC can help with your RPA issues click here.

  • X-ray Equipment Performance Measurements:
    RPC can help with all aspects of the QA cycle of any diagnostic X-ray equipment.  For further information on how RPC can help with assessing your X-ray equipment performance measurements click here.

  • Dosemeter and kVp meter Calibration and Repair (JPL):
    JPL has been calibrating and repairing dosemeters and kVp meters since 1994. For further information on how JPL can help with your equipment calibration and repair needs click here.

  • Radioactive Substances and Nuclear Medicine:
    Most organisations, using radioactive substances, are required to appoint a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). Also, the Environment Agency (EA) required most users of radioactive substances to register their use of radioactive substances and furthermore be authorised to dispose of them. For further information on how RPC can help click here.

  • Training Courses:
    The Radiological Protection Centre has been running training courses for many years and is proud to have trained thousands of delegates in both radiation and laser protection. All of RPC's courses are run and chaired by certificated RPA's & LPA's, who between them have many years experience in the fields of Ionising & Non-Ionising radiation.   For further information on RPC's courses click here.
  • Mammography:
    RPC provides a  full programme of quality assurance checks in accordance with the NHS Breast Screening Programme and IPEM 77 standards.  For further information click here.
  • Dental X-ray:
    Regular radiation safety and performance surveys of dental x-ray equipment are a statutory obligation and vital to ensure the optimum level of protection for both staff and patients while maintaining the highest image quality.  For further information on the services that RPC offers for dental X-ray click here.
  • Patient Dose Monitoring:
    RPC can help with the legal requirements for assessing patient dose and, in particular, establishing Local Diagnostic Reference Levels for your department.  For further information on this subject click here.

  • Personnel Monitoring:
    RPC can provide your department with personnel monitoring TLD badges.  For further information on this subject click here.

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Laser Protection Advisory Services:

  • Laser Protection advice:
    Users of Class 3B lasers, Class 4 lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) sources in the private and voluntary healthcare sectors are required to appoint a Laser Protection Adviser (LPA). For further information on how RPC can provide advice and training for your department click here.
  • Laser Protection Supervisor Training:
    RPC runs a Core of Knowledge course for Laser Protection Supervisors (LPS) twice a year.  Click here to go to the RPC training course list.



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For further information call RPC on 020 8725 1050/1




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