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RA substances


Most organisations, using radioactive substances, are required to appoint a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). Also, the Environment Agency (EA) required users of radioactive substances to register their use of radioactive substances and furthermore be authorised to dispose of them.

RPC can fulfil the role of RPA, and provide the following services:

  •  Advise on legislative requirements

  • Advise on the design and layout of new and existing facilities

  • Liaise between the organisation and the Environmental Agency.  This will include completing application paperwork for the customer, providing radiological assessments of intended waste routes and sending annual inventories of the quantities of radioactive substances disposed to the Environmental Agency

  • Calibrate contamination monitors

  • Leak test sealed radioactive sources

  • Conduct regular radiation safety audits

  • Provide radiation safety training

  • Provide a Radiation Protection Supervisor Handbook and record keeping system

For further information call RPC on 020 8725 1050/1


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