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The Web Links below are for all things connected with Radiation Protection and Diagnostic Radiology in General.  The links are divided into different groups to make it easier to find whatever may be useful to you. Click on the group that is of interest to access relevant links.

The links to the various documents below, may require the Adobe pdf Reader to view them. Click on the Adobe logo to download the latest version.

Link Groups:


Links to the full text of IRR, IRMER and associated guidance


Links related to patient dose, equipment issues and QA etc.


Links to organisation relevant to Radiology e.g. the HSE, EA. CQC etc.

Evaluation Groups

Links to groups involved in the evaluation of X-ray equipment such as CT and MRI scanners

QA Test Equipment manufacturers and UK Distributors

Links to QA Test Equipment Manufacturers

Advice Leaflets

link to various RPC information leaflets



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